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Author Donates Profits to Abby's Little Friends

 “Angel Come Home, a love story, delivers on its title. A page turner for everyone, especially for pet lovers.  The novel has everything.”  John Boettjer

Stuart Wisong decided that the profits from the sale of his book should benefit the welfare of domestic animals. “Every time my book is sold we are helping to alleviate the discomfort of a domestic animal waiting to be adopted and in some cases, saving a life.  We are also helping eliminate the puppy mills as seen on Oprah.”

Every time a book is sold through the Pap 911 website or purchased through Stuart’s website or a retail store and the sale is credited to Pap 911 Rescue, we will receive the profits of the book.


Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to the website .

  • Click on the yellow BUY NOW button at the bottom of the page.

  • Make your purchase.

  • When the PayPal, Review your payment page appears, there is a box to the left of the payment amount which says, “Donate to shelter in which county/city?”  Click on that question.

  • A box will appear with the same message.  In the box, please type Papillon 911 Rescue & Adoption


A donation will also be received by Abby's Little Friends by purchasing Angel Come Home through Walgreen’s Drug stores in Naples, Florida, or through any on the list of stores that are selling the book.  This list can be found through a button on the Angel Come Home web page.

When you purchase the book from a store, please send an e-mail to Stuart Wisong, at, designating that you wish the profit to go to Abby's Little Friends.  It is necessary to advise Stuart of the store name and location where you purchased the book.  This step is not necessary when purchasing through the link on the Abby's Little Friends website.  It will automatically be recorded to the Abby's Little Friends account.

Thank you so much for making this donation possible.  Enjoy every page of this beautiful story! 

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