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​Who we are


Abby’s Little Friends Rescue is a not-for-profit (501(c)(3))  , no-kill organization that is dedicated to rescuing pets and giving them a second chance in life.  These pets have been abandoned, lost, abused or for other reasons given away. We give them the health care and love that they may need, evaluating them for behavior and temperament, and placing them in the loving homes they deserve.

Comprised exclusively of dedicated volunteers, Abby’s Little Friends Rescue is committed to rescuing, fostering, transporting, and otherwise coordinating efforts to help pets in need find their way to their forever home.  In addition, we facilitate networking among potential adopters and many reliable rescue resources.


     We screen every applicant very carefully to ensure that they understand and accept the responsibilities involved in caring properly for a pet. A detailed Application from which we conduct through reference check and a home visit with all family members and other pets in the household as a pre-adoption requirement.


     Until a forever home comes available, our pets are safe and lovingly cared for in private, approved foster homes in which we observe and evaluate each pet for temperament and behavior, continue with the pet's socialization and training, and provide for their physical well being and health.


     Adoption Donations defray expenses incurred during the rescue process, (i.e., vaccines, medical care, spay/neuter, heartworm treatment).


     We are a new rescue who has volunteers with many years of experience.  We are in need of foster homes.  The foster homes need only provide food and love as the Rescue provides the Heart Guard, flea prevention and vetting.  If you are interested in fostering, please go and fill out a foster application.


 IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure the safety and privacy of our pets and foster families, as well as those of our potential adopters, all "Meet and Greets" will be scheduled ONLY after an Adoption Application has been approved and a Home Visit has been satisfactorily conducted.



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